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Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture & Agrotourism International Show

The MAHA Exposition biennial series is Malaysia's leading agricultural show. It is held annually at MALAYSIA AGRO EXPOSITION PARK SERDANG (MAEPS).

Hosted by Ministry of Agriculture and Agro based Industry and organised by the Federation Agriculture Marketing Authority, MAHA is amongst the largest and most comprehensive show of its kind in the region.

MAHA showcases novel and technology-centric demonstrations, exhibits and activities tailored to trade visitors as well as the general public. It is a show that flaunts Malaysia's best producers, farmers, fishermen and stockmen. It is also a platform to pitch the region's best agro-food companies. The theme, "Agricultural innovation for Growth" will serve as showcase which marks a fresh beginning in the innovative agriculture and agro-based industries to gather technologies in the related industries throughout the region.

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Export Furniture Exhibition

Making its debut at MAEPS in 2009, EFE is a prestigious furniture industry exhibition representing manufacturers, producers and traders of international standards.

This heralds a new era where numerous opportunities, market expansion and business networking are readily available for all under one roof.

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Malaysia International Commodity Conference & Showcase

MICCOS is a premier event on Malaysian Commodities, a biennial event that brings major industry players and entrepreneues together.

With the theme "Commodity As An Industry", MICCOS showcases a wide range of the latest products as well as technological developments and innovations in the Malaysian commodities sector.

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Malaysia International Tourism Exchange

The largest tourism exchange event in Malaysia, MITE 2012 is not only inviting the domestic and foreign travel agencies and tourism companies like one would usually find in a common tourism fair. Advocating the extensive growth of the tourism industry by a more proactive approach, MITE 2012 has also secured the participation of ministries, foreign missions in Malaysia, members of the media, trade members and tour operators both from Malaysia and abroad to support the effort.MITE 2012 will also be filled with non-stop fun-packed activities such as international performances and showcases, seminars, games and competitions. Meanwhile, the event will also share and exchange international cultural habits and practices, festivities plus mouthwatering food showcase which will definitely make MITE 2012 an inspiring and exciting experience.

KEKKSkills Malaysia

Karnival & Ekspo Kemahiran Kebangsaan

SkillsMalaysia is a rebranding exercise for a national awareness campaign which epitomizes innovative skills training denoting the outreach to excellent and distinguished achievements as a result of a unified national aspiration with skills training embodied in its mission.

The objective of SkillsMalaysia is to create awareness of the opportunities in skills training and job related to TEVT that can contribute towards developing a high-income nation and in making skills training the first choice for school leavers.


Major Events

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Urbanscapes 2013

Urbanscapes is one of the longest-running creative arts festival in Malaysia. Initially founded with the aim to bring together Malaysian creative communities from the fields of music, the arts, design, film and other creative disciplines, the festival has now grown to include the best from around the world too. 
Our community-centric festival is built on the belief that great things happen when people come together

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